The places we inhabit play a major role in the prevalence of chronic diseases and the costs of treating them–over $2 Trillion per annum in the United States alone.


Changing our living, learning and working environments to be measurably healthier and encourage more active living will have a huge and positive impact on human health and wellbeing.


This is why Smart Pad Living exists and this is what our built environments are designed to enable.

Smart Pad Living™

healthy lives  -  healthy places

Breaking the Mold


Smart Pad Living operates in the community development space but with the ability to deliver high performance, affordable environments for living, working, learning and recreation.


We apply Circular Economy principles to our work with communities and clients as well as to our products, which are designed specifically to address the often-overlooked habitat component of community and wellbeing.  Our built environment products and services are designed to enable people and communities to live healthier, more active lives while minimizing the costs and environmental impacts of construction, ownership and occupancy.


In a era where cheapness and fast profits too frequently define the places people are expected inhabit, Smart Pad Living focuses on quality and durability because we know that these are critical drivers of human emotions, behavior, health and wellbeing. And we also know that this focus saves time and money, making better quality and lower project costs synonymous.


Built to Last–Designed for Life isn’t just a slogan at Smart Pad Living.  It drives why we exist and everything we do.

We don't quite fit the traditional definitions of a company operating in the construction and real estate sectors.  This is deliberate.   Because to improve the quality and performance of the places people inhabit and the buildings they use for a wide variety of purposes we look outside the present-day construction and real estate sectors for our best practices.


We have taken the best in class approaches used in the aerospace, consumer electronics and automotive sectors and applied them to the way buildings are designed, assembled and perform.  Coupled with our in-house disciplines of building science, human health and sustainable place-making,  these approaches apply equally to adaptively reusing existing structures and the creation of new ones.


Our products do not create site waste and we never leave the details  - however small they may appear to be - to random subcontractors  to work out on site.  Just like creating habitats for manned spaceflight - we leave nothing to chance.

Waste Free Precision Assembly.  We have developed a highly flexible and adaptable system of dry assembly called Interlock™.  With this, any structure can be a custom, off-grid, highly sustainable, long-life solution to shelter, home, education, work or play no matter what the climatic conditions are.


Smart Pad doesn’t dictate the form or spatial configuration of its habitat products.  We work with clients and communities to produce environments that work for them, tailoring solutions for the urban, rural or climatic realities they deal with everyday and the functions they need the buildings to support. Our structures can also be disassembled or extended and changed over their life to meet new demands of occupants or accommodate new functions.


Our complete environments are not cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all buildings (often referred to as “modular” structures) Every one of our structures is a custom solution but it costs no more than buildings designed and built today that use far less efficient and less flexible methods .

Community Development and Habitat Capabilities


Whether restoring or retrofitting an existing structure or designing a new one, Smart Pad Living's expertise, experience and on-going research informs everything we do.  These areas of expertise are also available to clients.


  • place-making and urban design for healthy living
  • materials science
  • historic preservation and environmental stewardship
  • forensic analysis of building construction and performance
  • product design and manufacturing
  • building design for renewable energy systems, water capture and retention, low energy consumption and healthy occupancy
  • advanced technologies for building information modeling (BIM), surveying & construction
  • operational/functional programming and space planning
  • post occupancy evaluation - linking human health and emotional responses to the places people inhabit


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