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The Arizona State Fair has been a popular annual event with the people of Arizona for over 100 years.  Many of the buildings on the Fairgrounds have interesting histories, ranging from events to construction materials to even a movie starring Marilyn Monroe.


In the summer of 2014, the Art Deco WPA Administration Building was almost demolished to make room for a parking lot because the extensive work needed to preserve this historic structure and enable it to be used for new functions was given scant attention.  Other historic buildings, some WPA, on the campus also need careful maintenance and a general clean up to improve the overall appearance.  To this end, the Fairgrounds Stakeholders Committee was formed to help the Fairgrounds find viable solutions for keeping and maintaining the historic structures located there.  One of the first steps was to produce Historic Structure Reports (HSRs) to document the buildings’ histories, record the present state of the buildings and to make recommendations for repairs.


Dr. Lauren Allsopp, faculty associate, and her graduate class at Arizona State University’s School of Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies:  History 591 Historic Preservation spent the Spring 2015 semester developing HSRs for the Grandstand, the Cattle Barn, the Home Arts Building, the Gem & Mineral Building and the Plaza Building.


The goal of these reports is to increase the visibility to the revitalization needs of the Fairgrounds and create a more visually pleasing place that will continue to draw people to its many events.  This is but one initial, but vital, step towards obtaining the financial support needed to preserve the Fairground’s buildings as active physical markers for the long legacy of the Fairgrounds in Arizona’s history.



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