Corporate Background


Smart Pad Living™, LLC is an Arizona limited liability company with offices in Scottsdale.


6615 North Scottsdale Road

Suite 250A

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Ph:  (480) 276-7707


Our beginnings and our mission are focused on improving human health by improving the quality, performance and longevity of the built environments we inhabit.  Forests are not only vitally important to the biosphere we depend on for life but they provide an important renewable raw material for our products.   We also know that there are better, more efficient and less wasteful ways of using timber resources.  Its why we have embarked on a journey toward manufacturing some of our own materials and components in North America.



  • Improving the human condition is the primary goals of the company.   With this focus we know that new opportunities for innovation, manufacturing enterprise and new jobs and careers are possible by changing the way that built environments are designed, assembled and perform.
  • Designing our products so they do as much as possible with as little as possible ensures that our impact on natural resources and the biosphere on which we all depend is as small as possible.
  • Design Thinking is a core strategy of Smart Pad Living™.  It isn't just about the design and re-use of buildings and environments, both existing and new - we apply it to the design of our business, to the supply chains we are a part of and depend on, and to the constant improvement of our products.



The Smart Pad Living™ Team


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