Aerospace, automotive and consumer electronic products companies have made significant advances that achieve greater performance and utility from fewer parts.


Car bodies used to comprise many different shaped, hand-finished body panels and fender components bolted and welded to a steel-framed chassis.  Today the entire body of a car is a specially-shaped stamped and milled assembly that functions as both a rigid, protective structure and the finished body form  – fewer parts doing more.

In phone technology, touch-sensitive, scratch-resistant glass protecting programmable high-resolution displays have replaced fixed keyboards and dial pads - fewer multi-function, compact components doing far more than a much larger number of bulky single-function components.


Smart Pad Living™ products embody the same principles of doing more with less.  Examples include:


SPL-Interlock™ structural components (walls, floors, ceilings and roofs):

    • require no framing.
    • provide high structural strength and seismic resistance.
    • embody excellent sound insulation especially between adjoined dwellings or rooms.
    • achieve high fire-resistance ratings without drywall add-ons.
    • are self-finished but are able to be painted or left as is, and,
    • provide an infinitely variable (no studs to find)  fixing surface for very heavy components including cabinets, stairs or cantilevered sinks and toilets.

The external finish component for SPL-Interlock™:

    • is self colored requiring no painting even if it becomes chipped or weather worn.
    • resists intense solar radiation and sheds rain.
    • is ventilated by natural convection to minimize the transfer of heat from high external surface temperatures directly into the structure enclosing habitable spaces.

Inherent Performance


Doing more with less.....

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