Inherent Performance™



Doing as much as possible with as little as possible drives every aspect of design at Smart Pad Living.

Smart Pad Living™

healthy lives  -  healthy places

We take innovation seriously.  Its not about creating anything esoteric.  Its being smarter about using what we have already to create better performing environments.   We don't assume that the status quo is the only way to get things done.   Different approaches and different solutions are needed to meet rapidly-changing ideas about–and needs for–healthier, more sustainable living and the impact our way of life has on the planet.


Forests are not only vitally important to the biosphere we depend on for life but they provide an important renewable raw material for our products.   We also know that there are better, and less wasteful ways of using timber resources.  Its why we have embarked on a journey toward manufacturing some of our own materials and components in the United States.


Doing more with less translates into making our products perform extremely well by virtue of the materials they are made of and how they are configured for human use.  Using fewer materials allows us to deliver tailored environments that are designed for life and that are built to last.


When we embark on the design and installation of a built environment, now matter how small or large, we configure materials and technologies to maximize…


  • safety and comfort.
  • quality, fit and finish.
  • usability and efficiency
  • interior environmental quality
  • advantages of site, solar and wind conditions.


while minimizing…

  • the complexity and range of materials, assemblies and components.
  • energy consumption.
  • carbon footprint
  • assembly time.
  • waste.
  • maintenance and utilities costs long term.


Achieving this is what healthier and more sustainable living conditions are all about...........more



Design at Smart Pad Living™ is about how something works and connects with human emotions.  We know from history and present day examples of precision engineering that when something  works well because of the care and attention paid to a wide range of human, economic and technical considerations, it tends more often than not to be visually appealing.  Design isn’t about draping decor over a sub-par product to try and make it look better than it really is.


Paying attention to Inherent Performance™ during every aspect of design enables Smart Pad Living™  products to compete on price with prevailing construction techniques,  while applying a much greater percentage of a project’s total costs to the actual buildings.


Built to last.  Better performance.  Higher quality. Affordable.

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