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We don't build–we assemble complete installations

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We believe they can, which is why we have invested heavily in the development of SPL-Interlock™.  This is the precision kit of parts we have designed and developed to enable us to assemble buildings of all types and sizes.   We call them installations.


SPL-Interlock™ comprises advanced materials and technologies for assembling complete built environments.  The system consists of a wide range of materials and manufactured components.


All components are geometrically coordinated in 3D to simplify design and enable precise fit and finish during assembly.  Additionally, the system's large range of permutations and combinations of components enables far greater design flexibility and customization than factory-built prefabs or site-erected "panelized" buildings.


None of the materials or components we employ are esoteric, un-tested, or unsafe.  They are either certified and/or approved by numerous U.S. and international regulatory and voluntary standards bodies including the 2015 International Building Code.


Advanced BIM Technology


We employ state of the art building information modeling (BIM) technology to create complete 3D models of any structure we are designing using 3D electronic versions of the components and assemblies .  These 3D models are as comprehensive as the 3D simulators and design systems used for design and manufacturing in aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics products.


The technology enables us to spend more than 90% of our time during the design phase of an installation  - often with customers - getting the design right from a range of human, environmental and economic perspectives.  Only a relatively small fraction of our time is ever spent "doing drawings".


This same technology also enables us to deliver 3D interactive user manuals for owners and occupants of Smart Pad structures.  The user App runs on an Apple iPad, an example of which is below.

If we can make cars, smart phones and aircraft where all of the parts and assemblies work together with a high-precision fit and finish, then why can't the places we inhabit be made that way too?


Our system is also able to import 3D laser and 3D digital photogrammetry survey data.  This  means that surveys of large and small, simple and complex sites including existing buildings, trees and land/rock formations can be captured accurately to within +/- 2mm.  This further removes a large amount of unproductive time involved in manually drawing up a site survey.

Avoiding Waste


It doesn't make business sense and it doesn't make ecological sense to waste forest resources and other raw materials by sending them to land fills .


Borrowing from best practices in aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics devices, our approach to SPL-Interlock™ installations avoids the usual waste and chaos that can be seen on the average building site.  If required at some point in the future, Smart Pad Living™ structures can also be disassembled by a Smart Pad Living™ assembly team and re-used,  refurbished or recycled into new components.


Smart Pad Living™ installations are designed so that the materials we use do not end up as construction and demolition waste, which today in the US amounts to a weighted average of approximately 4.3 lb/ft2 for all types of construction1.   That's over 4 tons of wasted materials for the average stick-built house!



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