Most buildings do not not embody the principles of precision production and assembly that are commonplace with the everyday products and devices people use.


We are changing this.  But this doesn't mean one-size fits all "modular" buildings.


We employ advanced 21st century technologies and materials to provide customers with an infinite range of cost effective possibilities no matter what the building type happens to be.


At Smart Pad Living we don't build - we assemble.

Smart Pad Living™

healthy lives  -  healthy places



Have you ever wondered if you could have a say in how the place you live, work, play or learn was designed or built?


Did you ever think you could live or work with worrying about utility bills, adequate natural light, clean air, or getting a decent night’s sleep?


Smart Pad Living offers those choices and gives voice to your imagination.  Our products–tailor made to customer needs–are affordable, high-performance built environments of all types and sizes, designed and assembled to help people live healthier, more abundant lives.

















Tailored Spaces: Precision Assembly


We’ve taken the great American 19th century invention of “kit building” made popular by Sears and Aladdin into the 21st century with a major technological twist or two.


What’s different is that the design, materials and assembly system of our products are adaptations of best-in-class supply chain management, manufacturing methods and technologies from aerospace, automotive design and consumer electronics.  No prefabs.  No stock plans.  No one-size-fits-all.  No compromised performance.


We design and assemble complete environments for a wide range of needs. However,  to constantly improve our products, we have also embarked on a journey to design and manufacture some key components in the United States.  Our approach enables us to configure and precision-assemble, with no site waste, buildings of all types and functions to meet different needs and different situations.  Our tailored solutions provide customer choice, quality, economy, performance and livability.


Smart Pad environments and technologies bring “built to last - designed for life” back into the homes we live in and the places we work in, the schools our children learn in and the environments we relax and play in.  Green?  Sustainable? Efficient?  You bet.


Our habitats do more with less - Smart.  They can be easily designed with your input for the life you want to live or the environments you want others to enjoy and benefit from.


Its about time.




Smart Pad Living™

healthy lives - healthy places




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