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Willow Run School House:

Detailed forensics and the relocation of a 200 Ton masonry structure


The Willow Run Schoolhouse, just outside of Ypsilanti, Michigan, was built in 1938 originally for the community of Willow Run before the airport and aircraft factory were built.  During WWII the Schoolhouse served as an officer's club.  The Yankee Air Museum owns the School House, which now moved and restored, forms the visitor and learning center for the Museum's operations.


In 2005, the Schoolhouse either had to be moved or torn down to make way for expanded airport operations.  Members of the Development Committee for the Museum conducted a detailed forensic analysis of the construction and structure of the building and designed the new raft foundations for the new location of the building.  While architectural drawings of the floor plans had been completed by an outside firm, there was no information about exactly how the structure of the building worked, especially since the building's roof was rebuilt after a fire.


Detailed photographic, structural and construction details analysis were conducted in order to determine whether the structure could be moved intact.  The attached report illustrates the level of forensic work conducted for the project and how the building was moved 2 miles across active runways to its new location.


Click here to download the completed forensic report. conducted in 2005.











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